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Yarrow Salve

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Our herbal Yarrow Salve is made simply with moisturizing extra virgin olive oil. This skin loving oil has been infused with the flower clusters, lacy leaves, and stems of yarrow. The plants are organically grown, wildcrafted, and sustainably harvested yarrow from our farm.

Yarrow Salve is the “Boo Boo Balm” we reach for in our home whenever there are minor cuts, scrapes, brusies, or rashes on our skin. While yarrow salve is effective regardless of your age, I’ve been able to save a ton of money on bandages for my children when they are convinced they need something more than a kiss. By using a tiny dab on my little ones boo-boo’s not only am I helping the recovery process, but I’m able to calm them down and reassure them that I’m not minimizing their troubles.

Yarrow may slow down bleeding, speed recovery, and may reduce scarring. Extra-virgin olive oil nourishes & moisturizes your skin while the beeswax provides protection & mending.

Benefits of Yarrow
• Vitamin C
• Volatile Oils
• Flavonoids
• Antiseptic
• Antibacterial
• Anti-inflammatory
• Astringent
• Analgesic (May reduce pain)
• Reduces inflammation

Yarrow Salve Ingredients 

Yarrow Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax

Apply a small dab of yarrow salve on the affected area. Re-apply a few times a day until improved.

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  1. Lisa Lee

    Very soothing recommend this product

  2. Melody Howell

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