Never worry about running out of soap or herbal remedies when you choose Subscribe & Save at checkout! Think of it like joining a CSA membership for your skin!

Thank you for being part of our farm!

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In the immensely popular and growing local food movement consumers are choosing to support farms and products they trust and believe in. A CSA allows farmers to know how much food they should be growing each year. They can better plan to have products available for their best customers.

Like a traditional CSA, many of the ingredients for our products farm fresh. Herbs and botanicals are grown right here on our farm nestled in the heart of central Ohio Amish country. All of them are handcrafted in small batches. Most of the flowers, herbs, and produce we use in our products are harvested once a year while in season. Our CSA members allow us to plan better, grow more herbs, dry more herbs for tea, and infuse more oils with botanicals.

Member Benefits

VIP Customer

Perhaps you’ve come to reorder your favorite product only to find it’s out of stock. Joining our CSA will allow us to better manage our inventories to increase the likelihood that won’t happen to you again! Since we know you’ll be back for your favorite product again, your order will take priority.


As a member you save 25% on all items in your subscription! Could there be a better reason to subscribe today?!

Reliable Delivery

As a member you don’t ever have to worry about running out of your favorites again! Your order will show up at your door like magic! You don’t have to remember to place another order again! Choose the frequency of delivery and the products you’d like to receive once and we’ll do the rest!

Happy Skin

An obvious perk to your membership is your happy skin! Who doesn’t want cleaner, softer, healthier skin? With a NO artificial ingredients, detergents, synthetic dyes, fragrances, or additives, preservatives, or petrochemicals, your skin is sure to love your decision to use all natural skin care!

How to Join

Check the Subscribe option at checkout and select how often you would like to receive your deliveries. Savings will automatically be applied! (Just make sure to use the coupon code “farmsteadsoapcsa” at checkout and get free shipping on your first order. )Each cycle your favorite soaps, salves, and skin care products will arrive in the mail so you don’t ever have to come back and checkout again!

Changing Your Subscription

You can suspend, modify, or cancel your subscription any time you need to. Visit your Account to adjust your subscription details.