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Sunny Goldenrod Soap


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Sunny Goldenrod Soap is a simple bar of farm soap inspired by the golden days of late summer when goldenrod and sunflower blossoms abound! It is an all-natural, cleansing bar formulated to be long-lasting. Sunny Goldenrod is rich & creamy, ultra-moisturizing lather and a light, fresh scent.

Forget old-fashioned lard soap! Sure it’s conditioning, but it’s not really that cleansing. We have formulated a recipe that brings lard soap into the 21st century! It not only has the moisturizing properties that you know and love in a lard soap but it is also cleansing and works up an amazing lather. That means it will get you fresh & clean without drying out your skin or leaving a filmy residue…. without a chemical cocktail of ingredients whose names you can’t even pronounce.

Benefits of Goldenrod

• Antifungal
• Anti-inflammatory
• Toning Astringent
• Antiseptic

Sunny Goldenrod Soap Ingredients 

Purified Lard, Coconut Oil, Golden Rod Infused Sweet almond oil, Raw Jersey Milk, Sodium Hydroxide, Natural Colorant, Essential Oil Blend

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Weight 4 oz


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