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Sage + Zeolite Clay Soap


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Sage + Zeolite Clay Soap is one of our most amazing farm soaps! It combines detoxifying and deodorizing ingredients. Zeolite clay is a natural mineral from volcanic ash. The powdered mineral provides a very gentle exfoliation.

Combine that with a tea made from sage leaves grown in our gardens and neem oil, you have a simple, deodorizing, long-lasting bar of hard soap with a rich & creamy, ultra-moisturizing lather. It has a light and fresh herbal scent.

Try using Sage + Zeolite Clay Soap on breakouts, acne, or if you struggle with body odor.

Benefits of Green Zeolite Clay
We use high-quality, ultra-fine, micronized Zeolite clay (Clinoptilolite)
• Absorbs odor
• Removes heavy metals and toxins
• A negatively charged component in Zeolite attracts positively charged pollutants and removes them from your body
• Balances pH

Benefits of Sage
May be useful for eczema other skin eruptions as well as minor skin irritations from bug bites, poison ivy or oak.
• Moistens dry skin
• Astringent tightens skin
• Natural Deodorizer

Sage + Zeolite Clay Soap Ingredients 

Purified Tallow, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sage Tea, Sodium Hydroxide, Green Zeolite Clay, Neem oil, Essential oils

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