Farmstead Soap & Salve has a vision and commitment to crafting farm soaps and herbal salves inspired by nature and our daily life on our farm. Our goal is to make the best, high-quality cold processed soaps possible. We use natural, sustainable ingredients. Also, our farm soaps are formulated to last a really long time! (Because there’s nothing worse than a mushy, slimy bar of handmade soap!)

Our Ingredients

Our soaps are made as naturally as possible. We double infuse our oils and brew herbal teas with many of the herbs and botanicals grown on our 40 acre homestead, Quill Haven Farm. We shun the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Our milk soaps are made with the ultra-rich and creamy milk from our Jersey cow, Holly.

Most salves are unscented unless for aromatherapy purposes. Whereas the farm soaps are lightly scented with essential oils. The soap is colored with minerals, clays, and botanicals to nourish your skin. Because if it’s not good enough for our family’s skin, it’s not good enough for your skin either!

We never buy pre-made loaves of soap and resell them! Every bar of artisan soap is handcrafted on our farm. We are hands-on from the plant (almost) all the way to the shower.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Because we are conscientious earth-stewards, we strive to make sustainable choices in our manufacturing process. As well as with the ingredients we use to formulate our soap and skin care products. Herbs & flowers that are homegrown or wildcrafted from our land are harvested using best practices for sustainability. Due to deforestation and habitat loss of native species when harvesting of the palm oil, we avoid using this common and controversial oil.

Our Packaging

Because of our commitment to the environment, we choose to use environmentally-friendly packaging. (As much as possible.) The majority of our packing material is reused and recyclable. Our metal salve tins can be washed out and reused for organization & storage or your own creative ideas!

Finally, you are invited to consider becoming a member of our Farm Soap CSA! It’s the most economical way to shop! Also this “subscribe & save” feature is extremely convenient. (Plus, it ensures that your favorite soaps will be in stock when you need them!)

Our Family Farm

After “reforming the land” for a decade on two different homesteads named Reformation Acres, we moved to our newest farm in the fall of 2017.  This 42-acre bit of paradise in the rolling hills of Amish country central Ohio is where we want to put down deep roots and create a home where our 8 children can come back to with their children reconnecting with nature.

For the next few years we’ll be busy as bees building a home ourselves, not to mention barns and a chicken coop. There’s the work of establishing vegetable and herb gardens (and inviting pollinators to make this their home too with lots of flowers!) We’re planting perennial orchard crops and reclaiming abandoned meadows, turning them into lush pastures. You’re welcome to follow the journey on our farm’s Instagram page!

We warmly thank you for your support and hope you enjoy your visit!

For His Glory,